Dec. 27th, 2009 11:11 pm
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WHO: Selina Kyle, Norman Osborn, and a surprise guest star!
WHERE: Dark Avengers tower
WHEN: Tuesday, Jan 5th
SUMMARY: Selina has one last plan for getting even with Norman Osborn. Unfortunately for her, Norman Osborn isn't a total idiot.
WARNINGS: Blood and violence and a very long fall

This was it. Once she'd finished this last job, she was done with Osborn. And not a moment too soon. She was getting sick of this whole idiotic facade.

Osborn was off with another dinner with Sarah. As much as Selina appreciated the Skrull's willingness to help, she didn't like putting her in this situation. Some of the guilt for getting Teddy hurt still twinged in her gut. Still, at least she was handling the most dangerous part herself.

Dressed in a maintenance staff uniform, wearing a long blond wig and thick glasses, Selina made her way through the tower, avoiding cameras and residents with an unconscious ease. The security was tighter around the lab, but nothing that she couldn't handle.

It wasn't hard for Selina to find the armor. Iron Patriot. The pretentiousness of it was sickening, really. Plenty of things about Norman Osborn were. But the armor itself? She had to admit it was impressive. Maybe it could do with a new paint job, but it was quite the piece of hardware.

She approached carefully, cautious of any security measures. There didn't seem to be any. She stopped a few feet away, reaching out to trace the smooth metal lines with her gloved fingertips.

It had been a while since Selina stole something this interesting.
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