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WHO: Selina ([ profile] catmasked) & Sabretooth ([ profile] fangsmile)
WHERE: Ramus the leopard's jungle-in-a-warehouse
WHEN: April 22nd
SUMMARY: Selina is Logan's girlfriend. Victor has a tradition of killing Logan's girlfriends.
WARNINGS: Violence, blood, Creed being a Major Creeper (potentially triggering?)

After the latest bit of chaos in the City, Selina needed a break. A vacation wasn't out of the question yet, but visiting the warehouse where Ramus spent many of his days served as a good quick fix.

Selina had to admit that Pam had done a great job with the place. Months later and the tropical flora was still lush and green. As much as Selina was a city girl at heart, she could appreciate the beauty of such a place. She knew that Ramus did -- now that he had claws, he was taking full advantages of the trees that stretched to the rooftops.

While she'd brought a collected volume of Dorthy Parker, the humid warmth of the building was making Selina sleepy. Maybe she'd take a quick nap while Ramus chased the birds that had taken residence indoors. The folding chair she kept here reclined for just that purpose, after all.
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