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01. Heart - Black on Black II
like a judas kiss
like pleasure and a little pain
immaculate seduction
absolute corruption
ice and fire counteract
no turning back
like black on black

02. Tori Amos - Leather
i could just pretend that you love me
the night would lose all sense of fear
but why do i need you to love me
when you can't hold what i hold dear

03. Curve - Chinese Burn
she'll break a promise as a matter of course
because she thinks it's fun to have no remorse
she gets what she wants and then walks away
and she doesn't give a fuck what you might say


04. Laura Branigan - Self Control
oh, the night is my world
city light, painted girl
in the day nothing matters
it's the night time that flatters

05. Gloria Gaynor - The Eye of the Tiger
rising up, back on the street
did my time, took my chances
went the distance now I'm back on my feet
just a girl and her will to survive

06. The Bravery - Believe
there's a smell of stale fear and it's reeking from our skins
the drinking never stops because the drinks absolve our sins
we sit and grow our roots into the floor
what are we waiting for


07. LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight (Graham Stack Radio Edit)
underneath the starlight, starlight
we'll be lost in the rhythm so right
feel it steal your heart tonight

08. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You
come on baby, when will you see
that you and i were meant to be
and now i got my target on track
baby you should know that I'm so good at that

09. Roxette - Wish I Could Fly
i wish i could fly, out in the blue
over this town, following you
i'd fly over rooftops, the great boulevards
to try to find out who you really are


10. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
i thought I was a fool for no one
oh baby I'm a fool for you
you're the queen of the superficial
and how long before you tell the truth

11. DJ Krush - Skin Against Skin
we're making such big steps
it's got me in a spin
are we aiming too high
of wanting to feel your skin against my skin

12. Massive Attack - The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
i had laid such a tender trap
hoping you might fall into it
the love hit me with a sudden slap
one kiss and then i knew it
ooooooh, my plans didn't work out like i thought
'Cause i had laid my trap for you but it seems that i got caught


13. Cardigans - Do You Believe
do you really think
that love is gonna save the world
well i don't think so

14. Coldplay - Clocks
come out upon my seas
curse missed opportunities
am i a part of the cure
or am i part of the disease

15. Queen - The Show Must Go On
whatever happens, i'll leave it all to chance
another heartache, another failed romance
on and on
does anybody know what we are living for
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