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Chuck Dixon
The Catfile (90's era goodness)

Darwyn Cooke
Batman: Ego & Other Stories (Includes 'Selina's Big Score', which is awesome)

Ed Brubaker
Vol 1: The Dark End of the Street
Vol 2: Crooked Little Town (out of print?)
Vol 3: Relentless (If you read one Catwoman trade, read this one.)
Vol 4: Wild Ride
Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale (Out of print? Collection with stories from all eras.)

Tim Sale/Jeph Loeb
Catwoman: When in Rome (Not part of regular continuity, but still a great read)

Paul Dini
Heart of Hush
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~Selina's Inbox~

[kewl phone pic goes here]

"You clearly haven't reached me, or you wouldn't be listening to a recording. Leave me a message."

PHONE: 555-904-7933

Voice, text, picture, & video messaging enabled
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Selina's new power in the City is a mental link with cats. Characters who are part cat or have cat forms can opt in for an empathic bond with Selina if they wish! The default will be that her power won't work on them unless you post here saying that you want it to!

This power will only work in close range, around 200 yards. So over the comms will be safe! It also goes both ways so they will be picking up some of Selina's thoughts/feelings too!

If you would like to opt in, just let me know:

- Character's name
- How catty are they?
- Will this power work all the time or only if they're in a particular form? Your choice!
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WHO: Selina ([ profile] catmasked) & Sabretooth ([ profile] fangsmile)
WHERE: Ramus the leopard's jungle-in-a-warehouse
WHEN: April 22nd
SUMMARY: Selina is Logan's girlfriend. Victor has a tradition of killing Logan's girlfriends.
WARNINGS: Violence, blood, Creed being a Major Creeper (potentially triggering?)

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Dec. 27th, 2009 11:11 pm
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WHO: Selina Kyle, Norman Osborn, and a surprise guest star!
WHERE: Dark Avengers tower
WHEN: Tuesday, Jan 5th
SUMMARY: Selina has one last plan for getting even with Norman Osborn. Unfortunately for her, Norman Osborn isn't a total idiot.
WARNINGS: Blood and violence and a very long fall

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WHO: Selina ([ profile] catmasked) & Lust ([ profile] easytochop)
WHERE: City streets somewhere downtown
WHEN: Afternoon of August 18th

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- Secret Santa (Selina/Laurie shopping crack)
- 20 Word Drabble (Selina/Logan)
- Shuffle Drabble Remix (Never Relax)
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